Non Compos Mentis EP

by Dizze Dahmer

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After 10 plus years of destruction with Syko Sain, Dizze Dahmer now releases his first ever solo release. As main producer of Wicked Sindicate, Dizze is known for his brutal beats just as much as his wicked rhymes. The album is fully produced by him with the exception of the song "Escape" which was produced by Hopsin for Funk Volume. Guest appearances include the underground legend Hex, Wicked Sindicate mates Isolated Beingz, the serial killin potheads in 10 Strands, and Dizze's longtime partner in Syko Sain Lex Talionis. Get it now for FREE DOWNLOAD.


released January 18, 2011

All lyrics written by the performing artist
All music written and produced by Dizze Dahmer
Except track 2: produced by Hopsin
Mixed & Mastered by Dizze Dahmer at The Sanitarium
in Las Vegas, NV
Hex appears courtesy of 1134 Productions
10 Strands appears courtesy of Hemp House Records


all rights reserved



Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate is: Isolated Beingz (2-Face & Ruthless Rob), Dizze Dahmer (formerly of Syko Sain) & Dieabetik

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Track Name: Murderabilia
Souvenirs of SERIAL KILLAS
Mass collectin MURDERABILLA
Gotta get more
Gotta get more, gimme more
Gotta get more
Gotta Get More, MOTHAFUCKA

Been mass collectin ever since I wuz a youngsta
My first piece wuz a bloody knife from a dumpsta
Ever since then I couldn’t satisfy my craving
At underground auctions spendin all my time and all my savings
Got Gacy paintings, and jeffery dahmers refridgerator
Still stinks like rotted flesh, it’s a stench I like to savor
Robbed johnathan davis for the bundy volkswagon
The back seat is scratched deep from fingernails draggin
U think I need help, but why collect anything else
Cards of my favorite team wont make me feel how gein felt
So I keep on addin to my morbid museum
Sendin fan mail 2 BTK, id really love to meet him
I wrote them on the typewriter that I stole from his home
Got fish’s victims bones, tommy gun from al capone
But they don’t mean shit to one of my favorite pieces
Stuffed in a jar, sharon tates unborn fetus

Do u sell anything? Shit why would I do that
Ima collector bitch im not in this for the cash
I cant put a price tag on sumthin that’s priceless
A blood stained clown outfit theres not another like this
This shits my life collection I will never part with it
But if u wanna see my exhibit I will charge u a ticket
Sell u a postcard so u can remember your visit
But if u touch any of my shit u will get your wig split bitch
I love rockin the ramirez ac/dc hat
Gotta collection of pictures of victim with the killers autographs
People say its disgustin but that’s part of the reason I love it
I get such a fuckin high whenever I score a tuff get
All authenticated cuz I don’t take fakes
The only things that’s duplicated is the leonard lake tapes
Got em burned to dvd I play it on my big screen
It’s a dream come true, and it’s a fuckin sick dream
Track Name: Escape
I’m trapped in this place all alone cuz everybody left me here
My mind has been erased, the only thing I know for sure is death is near
Don’t feel bad for me i'm trapped here by my own tendencies
I made this bed, now i’m tucked in tight, anxiety is such a good friend to me
Is this meant to be, just maybe, that’s I answer I should know
I would say so, yes it is, cuz my life standards are so low

So I go solo, cuz my standards for everyone is just way to high
Please don’t get close, cuz I’ll hurt you the most, so its best for u to not even try

I don’t know how I got trapped in this lonely place
Maybe it’s my own fault that nobody else can relate
Is this the end of my world, I should accept my fate
That I will be stuck here forever because I can’t escape

Since everybody makes me stressed, it seems 2 me this way is best
Stuck in this mess all by myself, noone to join me as I wait for death
Do I hate this? Yes, that’s what I say but then again that might be untrue
They say its not good to be all alone all the time but I have yet to see sum proof
And I don’t need u, cuz u’ll leave me 2, and I’ll be back in this cell again
Trapped in this hell again, stuck until im a skeleton

There aint no tellin when I can break my vicious cycle
No longer walkin on an endless tight rope, im just so sick of bein so sick and spitful

Is it a curse or a gift, im unsure of this rift
Do I love it here or is it as worse as it gets
My nerves feel ripped, but this place calms me down
No responsibility here, so u cant call me now
Maybe im not trapped maybe this place is mind
Outside this room they’d say im crazy but in here im fine
I do feel lonely but I want noone to join me
Im the one and only and that’s the way its goin be
Noone to appoint me as sumone to count on
They leave me anyway when my amounts gone
So my accounts drawn to a close
It’s the dawn of a new life I suppose
No more being anti social, my mind was close to
Buggin the fuck out, now im finally exposed who
Put me here and left me no escape
It was me, I wanted to be in this place
Track Name: Killa Shit featuring 10 Strands
I’ll make a r&b song and I’ll sing like shit
Its ok, I’ll use auto tune and make it a hit
Gold and platinum certified, I don’t know my shit stinks
Drop 100 bux 2 come 2 my show and watch me lip synch
Imma grab the mic and bust a 8 bar verse
With 20 muthafuckas on stage yellin out the words
No autographs, its back to my mansion when the shows over
Thanx 2 my vocoder now im a homeowner
Make a simple ass beat with a hook attached
Sell it for 100 gs with my name all on the track
Gimme my writing credit, my production fee and royalties
Nobody wants to hear the verse just get to my chorus please
Stakin more and more gs, cuz the mainstream got no taste
They only want a catchy hook and a beat that got low bass
On tv and radio, pay to have the most plays
Do it again and again, sit back and watch my doe raise

Mainstream, killa killa
Pop rap, killa killa
Club rap, killa killa
We got that, killa killa shit
We don’t listen to the mainstream
We got that killa shit leave em all gangreen
Track Name: Pure Evil featuring Hex
Naturally Selectin My Victim, Imma Psycho Demented Darwin
Showin no signs of stoppin, so everybody better take caution
Wheater it’s a glock cockin and poppin or a steady axe choppin
Your body is gonna be droppin in your family plot in a coffin
My mind has lost it, and ive known it for a long time that it wuz commin
Its sum crazy shit the thrill I get when I see blood start runnin, its sumthin
That I could never explain, unless ur insane, I could never do it justice
Evil runs in my vains, and clouds up my brain, its gives me a rush, I love it
So 2 break it all down, id hafta define myself as a evil person
Demons pullin me, shakin me, takin me into the dark where im always lurkin
To pull u in, remove your skin im completely full of sin
I knew it when I wuz a new infant with a unusal grin
Rotted teeth, dangerously sharb as can be, ready to chomp into meat
A bloody treat to feast upon until the beast in me retreats
Im the stuff nightmares are made of, sumthing u should be afraid of
I will come to u in your dreams, making sure u never wake up
Track Name: She Loves Me For The Cocaine
Drop dead gorgeous, a hard to ignore chick
She’s so fuckin sexy when she uses her snort stick
My little cokehead, she’s takes a bump and then we bump uglys
The mood ain't right unless I got that white she won’t touch me
I know she don’t love, but that’s not a problem
I’m not lookin for love I'm lookin for fuckin and slobbin
The coked out it look really fits her well
She’s a 12 out of 10 on my dick Richter scale
She never gains weight, the coke keeps her in shape
No chicken no steak only blow on her plate
Dam she’s so great, and we got no hate
I got sum snowflakes lets she how much her nose takes
It was a little ruff at first she tried to sell the TV
I told the bitch id get her shit so my bombshell won’t leave me
And if I didn’t get her coke I know where the hell she'd be
Shed be fuckin somebody for drugs, it mite as well be me

She loves me for the cocaine
And I can’t complain
This love is so insane
She my everything
She loves me for the cocaine
And she’s so dam fine
She’s bout to do a line
Then she’s all mine

She’s only allowed to snort that powder cuz crack starts getting messy
Their teeth will fall out, and track marks isn’t sexy
I’ve never seen a hot base head before in my life
Coke whores look so right they seem to be more of my type
So snort up that white and I’ll pour a bud light
Fuck you from behind on all fours on the floor all nite
I call her snow white cuz she's my fairy tale
And when she is very ill she gets scary pale
But when she gets her medicine we're back to havin sex again
And if she involves a sexy friend I'll treat with some mesculine
Cuz every chick is easy to get with if u get her high
The better the shit the better the bitch so u know I'm never dry
I'm a straight up clever guy, I'm not sneaky or underhanded
And I'd rather be hopeless than a cokeless romantic
This is better than how I planed it, but there's one thing that I'm changin
By adding another coked up dope slut to this equation
Track Name: Gravedigger featuring Lex Talionis
Dizze Dahmer:
I like to get drunk and play with unloaded guns
Cock it back and pull the trigger to my face for fun
It feels good to feel the barrel kick as the trigger clicks
One day it might be loaded and I’ll get rid of all of this
But I got no reason to complain I guess i’m insane
Livin life like it ain't shit but a silly game
Cuz I got nothin to die for but nothin to live for
Always stayin fucked up cuz I feel I can’t give more
I was blessed with the gift of rhyme but cursed with an unstable mind
But I try to think that shit is fine
I reminisce to a time when shit was so simple
When I was young havin fun before I went mental
Before the wait of the world crushed my spirit
And life was filled with happiness I didn’t have to fear it
So when I die and they bury me in a hole
I hope the rain can still reach me to cleanse my soul

D-Lo MacVeigh:
Every corner I turn, I feel like death is stalkin' me
Created too much bad karma, now I keep the glock with me
But after losing everything, what do I got to protect
I find myself when I'm alone with that glock to my neck
Ready to pull, but something's keepin' me from doin' it
Something telling me I have a reason, and this life, I'm not thru with it
I put it back on my dresser, and go back to my slumber
Dreamin' about the day death comes to call my number
Wakin' up everyday, stayin' alone and depressed
Wondering what's keeping this heart beatin' in my chest
Another nigga has beef, that's another nigga dead
And another niggas face I can't get outta my head
I fall asleep to wake up, cold sweat and shakin'
Thinkin' about the fact, that's another life that I've taken
I know death's over my shoulder, but is it really me he wants
I'm just his right hand, I have to deal with these taunts

Dizze Dahmer:
The pain and agony, the strain is staggering
Like a knifes aimed at my vain and its stabbing me
And that’s how I feel on a daily basis
I know that i'm bitter but I can barely taste it
I’m waitin for another world war, or a meltdown of the earth’s core
And it still probably wouldn’t hurt more
I know i’m not the only one who feels this way
I said I open my door for death and everyone could relate
I guess i’m happy now, but my insanity drags me down
And the very rain i’m wishin for my only make me drown
Behind every smile is a frown that hides jagged teeth
It’s never as good as it seems once u scratch beneath
When u get past the disguise that’s where the truth lies
I have a hard exterior but there’s pain in my eyes
So when I die and they put me down in the dirt
I hope the rain can still reach me to wash away the hurt
Track Name: Who Knew
If u get caught up your body will be let down
We can tussle, we’ll take your muscle so who wanna flex now
U better step clown, its fight or flight for your life
And my knife will slice thru ur windpipe fast like a flash of light
A tragic demise, u knew u would die
Maggots in your eyes, just food for the flies
I move in the night, so smooth when I strike
Your loosin the fight, blood oozin so bright
Refusin the sight cuz the image is 2 horrific
About a dozen bodies slaughtered, 15 to be specific
Cuz we roll so brutal, resistence is now futile
Make your head spread open lookin like sum red noodles
And theres nothin u can do to us except run
Murders nothin new to us its just sumthin that gets done
At my command we bring sumthin u cant stand
When I say when we cause mayhem like the black metal band

I usually use a knife to slash, but I’ll use a pipe to smash
Cave your head in in a quick second, who knew ud lose your life that fast
This time I’ll use a gun to blast, u can try to run and dash
Its now your last day when I blast away, I knew ud lose your life that fast
Who knew ud lose your life that fast?
I knew ud lose your life that fast

Kidnapped from the street you’ll feel the heat I’ll torch and flame ya
U wanted to talk tuff now your locked up in my torcha chamba
U should’ve fled this mornin took head of warnings, and start 2 run and hide
Now its too late u;ve sealed your fate u shouldve swalllowed your pride
We’re strangers in the nite you called it right by sayin we sick and crazy
U wanna brag and boast we’ll make u a ghost like patrick swayze
And if we cant get u, your family will do we attack your safety
U answer the phone a voice in a low tone says “we have your baby”
I’ll shoot to prove u aint bulletproof u will catch a slug
Its called justice when your skull busts its whut I love
Diss my posse bitch the killa aint obvious he undercover
U know how the track goes a tagged toe means your dead muthafucka
Head leakin red, blood runnin in the gutter
Brain ripped to shreds and I fed on it for supper
A vicoius animal ima cannibal yea u herd it right
Off with ur head like the gallows im in the shadows like a perv at night

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