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She Loves Me For The Cocaine

from Non Compos Mentis EP by Dizze Dahmer



Drop dead gorgeous, a hard to ignore chick
She’s so fuckin sexy when she uses her snort stick
My little cokehead, she’s takes a bump and then we bump uglys
The mood ain't right unless I got that white she won’t touch me
I know she don’t love, but that’s not a problem
I’m not lookin for love I'm lookin for fuckin and slobbin
The coked out it look really fits her well
She’s a 12 out of 10 on my dick Richter scale
She never gains weight, the coke keeps her in shape
No chicken no steak only blow on her plate
Dam she’s so great, and we got no hate
I got sum snowflakes lets she how much her nose takes
It was a little ruff at first she tried to sell the TV
I told the bitch id get her shit so my bombshell won’t leave me
And if I didn’t get her coke I know where the hell she'd be
Shed be fuckin somebody for drugs, it mite as well be me

She loves me for the cocaine
And I can’t complain
This love is so insane
She my everything
She loves me for the cocaine
And she’s so dam fine
She’s bout to do a line
Then she’s all mine

She’s only allowed to snort that powder cuz crack starts getting messy
Their teeth will fall out, and track marks isn’t sexy
I’ve never seen a hot base head before in my life
Coke whores look so right they seem to be more of my type
So snort up that white and I’ll pour a bud light
Fuck you from behind on all fours on the floor all nite
I call her snow white cuz she's my fairy tale
And when she is very ill she gets scary pale
But when she gets her medicine we're back to havin sex again
And if she involves a sexy friend I'll treat with some mesculine
Cuz every chick is easy to get with if u get her high
The better the shit the better the bitch so u know I'm never dry
I'm a straight up clever guy, I'm not sneaky or underhanded
And I'd rather be hopeless than a cokeless romantic
This is better than how I planed it, but there's one thing that I'm changin
By adding another coked up dope slut to this equation


from Non Compos Mentis EP, released January 18, 2011
Lyrics Written & Peformed by Dizze Dahmer
Music Written & Produced by Dizze Dahmer
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dizze Dahmer at The Sanitarium in Las Vegas, NV


all rights reserved



Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate Is The Infamous Underground Record Label , Home To: Isolated Beingz , Ruthless Rob , Bleezy Poe & Dizze Dahmer (Formally Of Syko Sain)

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