Pure Evil featuring Hex

from by Dizze Dahmer



Featuring Hex


Naturally Selectin My Victim, Imma Psycho Demented Darwin
Showin no signs of stoppin, so everybody better take caution
Wheater it’s a glock cockin and poppin or a steady axe choppin
Your body is gonna be droppin in your family plot in a coffin
My mind has lost it, and ive known it for a long time that it wuz commin
Its sum crazy shit the thrill I get when I see blood start runnin, its sumthin
That I could never explain, unless ur insane, I could never do it justice
Evil runs in my vains, and clouds up my brain, its gives me a rush, I love it
So 2 break it all down, id hafta define myself as a evil person
Demons pullin me, shakin me, takin me into the dark where im always lurkin
To pull u in, remove your skin im completely full of sin
I knew it when I wuz a new infant with a unusal grin
Rotted teeth, dangerously sharb as can be, ready to chomp into meat
A bloody treat to feast upon until the beast in me retreats
Im the stuff nightmares are made of, sumthing u should be afraid of
I will come to u in your dreams, making sure u never wake up


from Non Compos Mentis EP, released January 18, 2011
Lyrics Written & Peformed by Dizze Dahmer & Hex
Music Written & Produced by Dizze Dahmer
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dizze Dahmer at The Sanitarium



all rights reserved


Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate is: Isolated Beingz (2-Face & Ruthless Rob), Dizze Dahmer (formerly of Syko Sain) & Dieabetik

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