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Produced by Hopsin


I’m trapped in this place all alone cuz everybody left me here
My mind has been erased, the only thing I know for sure is death is near
Don’t feel bad for me i'm trapped here by my own tendencies
I made this bed, now i’m tucked in tight, anxiety is such a good friend to me
Is this meant to be, just maybe, that’s I answer I should know
I would say so, yes it is, cuz my life standards are so low

So I go solo, cuz my standards for everyone is just way to high
Please don’t get close, cuz I’ll hurt you the most, so its best for u to not even try

I don’t know how I got trapped in this lonely place
Maybe it’s my own fault that nobody else can relate
Is this the end of my world, I should accept my fate
That I will be stuck here forever because I can’t escape

Since everybody makes me stressed, it seems 2 me this way is best
Stuck in this mess all by myself, noone to join me as I wait for death
Do I hate this? Yes, that’s what I say but then again that might be untrue
They say its not good to be all alone all the time but I have yet to see sum proof
And I don’t need u, cuz u’ll leave me 2, and I’ll be back in this cell again
Trapped in this hell again, stuck until im a skeleton

There aint no tellin when I can break my vicious cycle
No longer walkin on an endless tight rope, im just so sick of bein so sick and spitful

Is it a curse or a gift, im unsure of this rift
Do I love it here or is it as worse as it gets
My nerves feel ripped, but this place calms me down
No responsibility here, so u cant call me now
Maybe im not trapped maybe this place is mind
Outside this room they’d say im crazy but in here im fine
I do feel lonely but I want noone to join me
Im the one and only and that’s the way its goin be
Noone to appoint me as sumone to count on
They leave me anyway when my amounts gone
So my accounts drawn to a close
It’s the dawn of a new life I suppose
No more being anti social, my mind was close to
Buggin the fuck out, now im finally exposed who
Put me here and left me no escape
It was me, I wanted to be in this place


from Non Compos Mentis EP, released January 18, 2011
Lyrics Written & Peformed by Dizze Dahmer
Music Written & Produced by Hopsin
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dizze Dahmer at The Sanitarium in Las Vegas, NV


all rights reserved



Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate Is The Infamous Underground Record Label , Home To: Isolated Beingz , Ruthless Rob , Bleezy Poe & Dizze Dahmer (Formally Of Syko Sain)

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