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Who Knew You'd Lose You Life That Fast?


If u get caught up your body will be let down
We can tussle, we’ll take your muscle so who wanna flex now
U better step clown, its fight or flight for your life
And my knife will slice thru ur windpipe fast like a flash of light
A tragic demise, u knew u would die
Maggots in your eyes, just food for the flies
I move in the night, so smooth when I strike
Your loosin the fight, blood oozin so bright
Refusin the sight cuz the image is 2 horrific
About a dozen bodies slaughtered, 15 to be specific
Cuz we roll so brutal, resistence is now futile
Make your head spread open lookin like sum red noodles
And theres nothin u can do to us except run
Murders nothin new to us its just sumthin that gets done
At my command we bring sumthin u cant stand
When I say when we cause mayhem like the black metal band

I usually use a knife to slash, but I’ll use a pipe to smash
Cave your head in in a quick second, who knew ud lose your life that fast
This time I’ll use a gun to blast, u can try to run and dash
Its now your last day when I blast away, I knew ud lose your life that fast
Who knew ud lose your life that fast?
I knew ud lose your life that fast

Kidnapped from the street you’ll feel the heat I’ll torch and flame ya
U wanted to talk tuff now your locked up in my torcha chamba
U should’ve fled this mornin took head of warnings, and start 2 run and hide
Now its too late u;ve sealed your fate u shouldve swalllowed your pride
We’re strangers in the nite you called it right by sayin we sick and crazy
U wanna brag and boast we’ll make u a ghost like patrick swayze
And if we cant get u, your family will do we attack your safety
U answer the phone a voice in a low tone says “we have your baby”
I’ll shoot to prove u aint bulletproof u will catch a slug
Its called justice when your skull busts its whut I love
Diss my posse bitch the killa aint obvious he undercover
U know how the track goes a tagged toe means your dead muthafucka
Head leakin red, blood runnin in the gutter
Brain ripped to shreds and I fed on it for supper
A vicoius animal ima cannibal yea u herd it right
Off with ur head like the gallows im in the shadows like a perv at night


from Non Compos Mentis EP, released January 18, 2011
Lyrics Written & Performed by Dizze Dahmer
Music Written & Produced by Dizze Dahmer
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dizze Dahmer at The Sanitarium in Las Vegas, NV


all rights reserved



Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate Is The Infamous Underground Record Label , Home To: Isolated Beingz , Ruthless Rob , Bleezy Poe & Dizze Dahmer (Formally Of Syko Sain)

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