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Dizze Dahmer - The Gray

from Halloween 2015 EP by Wicked Sindicate



My Eyes flutter open, the darkness is broken
Loud voices in my head, but no words are spoken
Chaotic screams echo out in this small cabin
Wondering what has happened I can hear somebody laughing
A strong white light illuminates a pure haze
My body aches, like I've been laying on the floor for days
This has to be a dream but some how I'm still conscious
Or did I smoke some bomb shit thats got me seeing things like nostradamus
But regardless, it's a trip I didnt wanna ride
So I get up off this dirty floor and I quickly run outside
It isn't really night, but it isn't clearly day
There's no color in the place, only a dark and dreary gray
It looks like the neighborhood that I grew up in
Memories of running the streets and playing with my Teddy Ruxpin
Walking though the fog I see standing on a balcony
A women dressed in black and she starts to cry out to me!

She screamed out "Please help me find my baby"
"And someone please save me!" I think she's fucking crazy!
Her screams got so loud and so high pitched
That I could feel my brain twitch, so I ran from the bitch
But as ran away the screams seemed to get louder
Then she appeared in front of me with dark blood all around her
The fluid was running from in between her thighs
Her gaze beamed my eyes, as she let out terrified screams & cries
She said that I was the one who took her child away
And with every word that she said I could see her skin decay
So I ran into the gray, my ears ringing from her screaming
This place can't be real, I know I have to be dreaming
I ran up to a house and pounded on the door with force
It opened up in front of me and standing there was a corpse
I ran down the street and gasped as I ran past
Standing behind every glass was a dead face that laughed

A bloody corpse walked out from every door
Gotta be 20 at least, but probably even more
Standing in the street, Im surrounded from every angle
Thier disgusting rotted bodies all came together tangled
Slowly walking to me, thier fingers pointed in my face
With a demonic voice they said "You Created this place"
"You put us all here and now we finally have you trapped"
Thier faces do look familiar, then it all came in a flash
I remember the pregnant woman walking home alone at night
I grabbed her from behind, and in her stoumac plunged my knife
I brutally took her life, and now shes here with the others
I remember killing them all, every husband, daughter & mother
Thier skeletal faces staring at me, laughing, screaming and crying
I remember being in prison, and I remember dying
For multiple counts of murder the state executed me
The gray is my hell, trapped with my victims for eternity

Now im lost in the gray
How did I get in the gray
Now im lost in the gray
Im trapped in the gray

forever trapped in the gray


from Halloween 2015 EP, released October 28, 2015
Lyrics written & performed by Dizze Dahmer
Music written & produced by Dizze Dahmer
Mixed and mastered by Dizze Dahmer


all rights reserved



Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate Is The Infamous Underground Record Label , Home To: Isolated Beingz , Ruthless Rob , Bleezy Poe & Dizze Dahmer (Formally Of Syko Sain)

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