Halloween 2010 EP

by Wicked Sindicate

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2010 Wicked Sindicate Halloween EP. 4 Brand New Tracks. FREE DOWNLOAD. Get the Halloween Collection Vol. 1 CD for only $3.99. 16 Tracks!



released October 12, 2010

All lyrics written by the performing artist.
Music written and produced by Dizze Dahmer
Mixed and mastered by Dizze Dahmer at The Sanitarium in Las Vegas, NV


all rights reserved



Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate is: Isolated Beingz (2-Face & Ruthless Rob), Dizze Dahmer (formerly of Syko Sain) & Dieabetik

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Track Name: Dizze Dahmer - High On Death
A fiend for death, I gotta have it like a crack addict
I make u die, get my high, then im back at it
Its fuckin fantastic the rush I get
When I pop in a clip and str8 bust ya wig
I know im fuckin sick cuz I cant get enuff of it
And it only takes a day before I need another fix
Anyone I can get, im not picky about who gets done up
Even tho the situation can get tricky when the suns up
Whutever it takes cuz I cant stand the headaches
And the shakes make me walk stiff like a neck brace
Carrying dead weight, heavy on my spine
The withdraws are much worse than the thought of doin time
Imma keep doin crime, cuz I need 2 sooth my mind
Im dyin to find a way to keep me feelin fine
But I can’t cure the curse, murders the only thing that works
So when I get my thirst, u better bring a fuckin hearse

Gotta get my thrill, gotta get my high
Gotta get my kill, make u all die
Gotta get my thrill, gotta get my high
Gotta get my kill, imma make u all die

A fixation on death, asphyxiation of breathe
Its more than a fascination, I know im obsessed
But a junkie doesn’t get locked away for the rest of his life
U try to get em help, at least attempt to set him right
But for me there’s no rehab, murder I need that
Cant live without it like a comatose and his feedbag
I’ll make u bleed bad, and whenever I see that
I mite go psycho, it will make me mad
Then its like I take your life and inject it in my vain
If u roll unprotected its expected that you’ll be slain
My knife slice precise, my gun’s a perfected aim
Your body’s nicely diced, a hole the size of Texas in you brain
Now it feels like im walkin on sunshine
If I avoid the one time I can continue to hunt mine
Then I choke them out with a tourniquet, im on a murder kick
I do my violence in silence, your neighbors never herd shit….bitch

Your death is my heroin, your blood is my syringe
Ur chest is what im tearin in, like im out for revenge
Collect your flesh then inject it in, calm my nerves again
Jettin from feds in maryland, im wated for my murder binge
Relocate to another state, the crime rate will escalate
Even in the this day age it makes it hard for them to investigate
Then I lay and wait, chill out and let a week past
Its gonna be a bloody murder spree when I relapse
The murder fiend is back, bitch here I am
When they know my mode of operation I switch up the plan
Ima killa they cant stand, ima kille they cant find
They’ll know me as another zodiac cuz I wont do any time
Im like jedi mind, im violent by design
Mentally im meant to be restricted and confined
Maybe im just sick in the mind and my addiction is a lie
Im not fillin a fix, I just get a kick when u die

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