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Halloween 09 EP

by Wicked Sindicate

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Intro 00:34
Halloween Its is the time of year where things like demons, ghosts, vampires and serial killers are celebrated in costume, partys, movies and music For artists such as those in the wicked sindicate, we celebrate evil things all year round So halloween to us is the only real time we can be ourselves It is our most cherished holiday It is our independence day So with that we bring u the wicked sindicate halloween 2009 ep Happy halloween
Yo my vampire girl got me so in love She’s everything i've ever dreamed of soaked in blood Pale skin, blank stare, blood gleaming on her lips Got me all day long fuckin fiendin for her kiss I’ve never felt like this its such a beautiful feeling Jus to look in them eyes as she hovers on my ceiling She’s the personification of dark beauty and grace And She’s loves my killer side which isn’t usually the case We’re a match made str8 from the depths of hells core Seductress of sin with a evil grin, the one I fell for She sleeps in my closet to avoid sunlight And moves in the shadows of my room to keep from sight At night I bring home girls so she can feed She rips open their neck then we make love while they bleed She’s all that I need, yo she really drives me crazy I’ll love her for eternity my vampire baby My vampire girl, u rock my world, u really drive me crazy I never knew, a love this true, I love u my vampire baby She turned when she wuz 19 so she looks great Even though her real age is like 408 U can hate and say she’s a demon raised from hell And she reeks like death but I crave the smell She’s a combination of reality and fantasy A conscious thought in my insanity, she loves the madman in me And a killa like me and usually with that love shit But when she bites my lip I love it when I taste the blood drip Such a beautiful pain, when she barely puts a tooth in my vain Steady soothin the brain, its nothin that u could restrain Love truly remains 4ever for my undead lover Dead bodies always rotting under our blood red covers Gotta lore in another, cuz my baby’s getting thirsty Her visions blurry, gotta hurry, when she’s weak it hurts me But don’t worry, I gotta bitch commin over for a meeting Another bloody feeding, oh what a lovely evening


7 New tracks from Ruthless Rob, Syko Sain, Isolated Beingz, Lex Talionis, Sinista Ganxtaz & Dizze Dahmer
Production by Dizze Dahmer, Shy One & Lex Talionis



released October 20, 2009

All songs written and performed by the performing artist
Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6 & 7 produced by Dizze Dahmer
Track 3 produced by Shy One
Track 5 produced by Lex Talionis
Mixed and Mastered by Dizze Dahmer


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Wicked Sindicate Baltimore, Maryland

Wicked Sindicate Is The Infamous Underground Record Label , Home To: Isolated Beingz , Ruthless Rob , Bleezy Poe & Dizze Dahmer (Formally Of Syko Sain)

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